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Personal Year 5

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number

Personal Year 5

Keyword is change. This year will be about new faces, new places, new ideas and or maybe a new job or new home. The change will make way for new growth and opportunities. Now is a time to move on from the past and to let go of the old. You will feel particularly impatient and restless and have a strong desire for adventure and change. Maybe you will travel in this year. You may also have a greater concern for world events and be more open minded. Be careful not to scatter your energies too far. Use your good ideas to make changes for the better for everyone. You will seek variety and versatility in your work. Go with the flow more and adapt to the change that is imminent. Avoid excesses and impulsiveness. This is a time of adventure and new experiences. Be open to being more spontaneous and more go with the flow. Allow yourself to change plans and be aware of new opportunities that come your way. You will have a great desire for freedom, independence and new experiences. Often the five is a tough one for relationships as you seek a change of lifestyle or a change in the dynamics of the relationship. Relationships can survive this tough period and come out stronger for it but equally possible is separation either literally or in terms of leading lives in different directions. Moving and changing jobs often happen in a five as well. It is a period of adjustment as you seek a new sense of inner peace coming up to a 6 personal year.

Have a great day!

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