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Angelina Jolie Numerology

Good morning everyone. Today I thought we would take a glimpse at the life of Angelina Jolie.


Birth Date: JUNE 4, 1975

Angelina Jolie has a fascinating personality numerologically. Her personality number or the image that she presents to the world is the Number 9. She is the compassionate, caring humanitarian who fights to help those in need.

This is in perfect harmony with her expression number of a 6 which is all about home, family and community responsibility

Her maturity number or ultimate goal number is the 11/2 which is the master spiritual light messenger. Meaning she is destined to continue her humanitarian work, being a spokesperson for their cause and to bring changes that benefit many. This is a genuine aspect of her personality. It also denotes her charismatic charm and ability to influence others. The 11/2s often end up in the public eye.

It is in her birth path of a number 5 that best describes what we know her for. Innovation, adventure, unpredictability, restlessness and rebelliousness and of course the creative expression and freedom of acting.

I also note that Angelina Jolie has no karmic lessons which means that numerologically she is an old soul. Angelina is also a perfectionist with a high score of 7s and is a seeker of truth and wisdom. Her perfectionist tendencies can make her a difficult person to deal with due to her extremely high standards for herself and others. On her birthday this year Angelina moves in to a personal year 4. This will be a year of setting down firm foundations for the rest of her life. She will probably buy a few properties and look at investment options. She will seek to consolidate her financial situation and look at the best options for the future. Emotional security for herself and her children will also be on her mind. She will probably want to spend less time travelling in a four and more time focusing on the home and family.

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