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Jack Nicholson Numerology

Good morning everyone. This week we are back to Numerology. I thought we would continue to look at a few public figures. Today its Jack Nicholson. If there is someone you would like me to have a look at just send me a message.

Jack Nicholson christened: John Joseph Nicholson.Born 22nd April 1937.

Its not surprising that Jack Nicholson has that powerful, confident, charismatic personality.He is a birth path 1 so will naturally he will shine in the public eye and is destined to be a stand out individual and a leader in his field.He is in fact the most nominated male actor in Academy Awards history with twelve nominations and has won Academy Awards for Best Actor for his roles in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and 'As Good as It Gets'. Jack is estimated to be worth $400 million and is is one of the wealthiest and most-award-nominated actors in American history.

Expression Number 4

Hardworking, disciplined, responsible, reliable unlike the characters he often portrays. He is most definitely a charismatic and charming character.

He also has a high score of 1s adding to his confidence , 3s for creative expression and also 8s. In addition to this his score on the 6s is exceptional. – he is honest, giving, caring and responsible.

His high score on the 8s is indicative of his bankable image giving him an excellent ability to make and manage money.

Like a lot of us Jack has the number 2 concerning relationships as a karmic lesson in this life but to his advantage his personality and soul urge are both number 2s which helps him to get along with others and to display that easy going nature.

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