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Birth Path 6

Good morning everyone! Today we are getting back to the birth paths we started before Christmas. To calculate the birth path you take the numbers in your date of birth, add them together and reduce to a sing digit. If the answer is a double digit then you may experience the energy of the master number and the base number. For example

6.2. 1969 = 6 +2+1+9+6+9 = 33/6

This person has the master spiritual number of the 33 which is a healer and nurturer. They would have a very strong desire to help others and to instigate and make changes on a large scale that benefit many and may end up in management of large charitable organisations or in health or welfare. Even on a small scale the 33/6s are the rescuers of those in need.

6s love to serve and help others. If you are a 6 you probably prefer to work more in the background. You have a humanitarian nature and have a great love of home and family. Six favours stability and peace in your career where other areas of your life may seem to have many highs and lows. Number sixes are caring and responsible by nature. Health, healing and counselling or occupations connected with the home, institutions, community or education may be of interest to you. You like your surroundings to be comfortable, peaceful and harmonious. You are sympathetic to the needs of others whilst being frank, fair and just. The 6s are idealistic and humanitarian but like to work in the background rather than being in the limelight. They have a comforting, healing kind of presence and do all they can to assist and care for those they love. In personal relationships the 6s are never afraid of commitment or responsibility. A happy home environment and family life is very important to them.

Famous people with a 6 birthpath: Albert Einstein, Christopher Reeve, Eddie Murphy, Eleanor Roosevelt, George W Bush, Michael Jackson, Richard Nixon, Steve Irwin,

Birth Path 6 -

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