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Meaning of Personal Year 8

Good morning everyone. Let's look at the personal Year 8 - achievement and reward.

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number

Personal Year 8

Achievement and ambition are the vibrations of this year. Opportunities will present themselves if you have planned things well, been organised, efficient and have worked hard. Good judgement and fairness is needed for success. Good money management is necessary as expenses could be high this year. This is a year for action. Push some of your ideas and plans into motion and you will be rewarded. You need to move forward with all your ideas for improvement. Obtain professional advice in money matters relating to business, finance or property or investment. Do not be arrogant to think you know everything. Guard your health and try to keep a balanced lifestyle this year. In relationships be wary of power struggles. The 8 is a balancing act between giving and receiving. Conduct all your dealings with fairness and justice and financial reward and achievement will come your way. Success comes through your own efforts with the biggest reward being when you are doing something for the benefit of many – for the good of others rather than personal gain. The influence of Karma is at work here with consequences of actions, justice and rewards the outcome.

Have a great day.

If you are in a personal Year 8 and have been grounded and fair expect financial and emotional rewards to come your way.


Personal Year 8

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