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Meaning of a Personal Year 4

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking into the Personal Year 4. This one is all about working towards stability and security. It is a calming energy but also a productive year.

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number

Personal year 4 – hard work and discipline!

Opportunities this year come to you through work. You need to be practical, organised and disciplined. This is a time to put plans in to action to establish some security for your future. You can accomplish a great deal but it will require much effort and dedication on your part.. This is a good time to re-evaluate your personal and business plans. Look at the details. Fix up errors and any mistakes from the past and learn from them which will help you to grow and establish firmer foundations, habits and patterns for future security. Good management and planning is necessary. You should do your checks on your insurances, superannuation, debts and any sort of financial matters to make sure things are in order and that you have made the best arrangements possible. This is not a time to trust luck. You need to be grounded, realistic, organised and to sort all the practical concerns in your life. Don’t be careless or frivolous as if you do not attend to the details you will not be able to enjoy the freedom and independence of the 5 in the next year..

Have a great day. If you are in Personal Year 4 know that each day you are that little bit closer to your goals. 🦉🦉🦉🌻♥️🙏

Personal Year 4 -

Personal Year 4 -

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