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The Two of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today we are ending the week with a tough card - The Two of Swords. Tough because it often involves a difficult balance that could end up in conflict and two equal but opposing directions or options to consider. Emotion and feeling must be held at bay whilst logic and intellect are required to deal effectively with the situation.

Two of Swords

The number two is relationships and interactions between two things which may be opposite in nature. It is an energy of balance, co-operation, interaction and reaction and harmony.

Two of Swords

In the suit of swords the element here is air - intellect, thoughts, conflicts, logic. The twos here indicate the relationship between two opposing but equal forces. There is an uneasy balance which may deteriorate into conflict. There will be a disagreement or argument or there may be inner conflict between two opposing thoughts with a difficult decision to be made. You may be trying to prevent an argument and playing the peacemaker and things are very tense. Caution and restraint is needed to keep to keep the peace. You need to analyse the situation carefully and look at the facts. However with this uneasy tension arguments are likely to break out soon.

Keywords: uneasy balance, peace restored, truce, difficult decision to be made.


Conflict and injustice are indicated, sometimes violence and cruelty. Differences are so strong there can be no peaceful or suitable outcome. Obstinacy and unwillingness to compromise are indicated. One cannot see another person’ s point of view. There is not much hope for improvement here as no one can understand the other’s point of view. Feelings of resentment are voice and angry outbursts indicated.

Keywords: Conflict and differing opinions.

If you pick this card for today. Think before you speak and stick to the facts in any potential conflict or argument. Sorry everyone this card is not an easy one - so caution, care and tactfulness is necessary🙏🦉♥️

Two of Swords -

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