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Numerology of Malcolm Turbull

I really don't get involved in politics because I don't understand what is going on enough most of the time but given I had a look at Donald Trump yesterday and the current political turmoil unfolding right now, I couldn' t resist the urge to take a look at our very own Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull 24.10.1954

Just very quickly - His birth Path is a number 8. Not surprising - ability to manage money and power, executive, finance and business ability.

Expression No 2 - excellent negotiation skills, co-operative and accommodating. This is a good personal quality for arbitration, negotiation and working with others but not so good for leadership. I also note that he has very few 1s as well. He has had to work very hard on his confidence all his life. The need to be the peacemaker and keep others happy is is backed up by a very high score of 2s. He is perhaps a little to easily swayed by the advice and opinions of others. He is empathetic, kind,emotional and sensitive (although we don't get to see that side of his character). The positive benefits of the 2s gives him the ability to see all sides of a situation or problem and to be able to come up with compromises and alternatives. He is good at juggling and balancing conflicting factors but has difficulty perhaps sticking to one course of action or to a decision.

Extremely high score of 3s- 8! in fact. Brilliant mind and communication skills. Outstanding problem solving ability but needs strength of resolve to carry through. Malcolm is also an old soul - no karmic lessons in his name although his public personality number is a 16/7 which is a karmic number and involves frequent shocks and upheavals in his life as the firm foundations he counts on constantly disappoint him. The lesson - he needs to constantly recreate himself and the platform he relies on from the ground up with new values, and ideas and new pathways of action.

His Ultimate Goal number is a 1 - learning to be a better, stronger, dynamic leader and individual. I think he is embracing that energy every day.

His personal year number - On his birthday this year he enters a 9! 🦉🤐😕

Malcolm Turnbull

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