The Justice Card No 11

The Justice Card No 11 in the Major Arcana When Justice turns up there can be a life altering decision to be made. The scales of Justice indicates it will be a fair and positive outcome and is often associated with legal matters and court cases but sometimes it represents just a strong sense of doing the right thing when facing a difficult decision or situation. You may feel you need to be the one to make a situation right where there is unfairness going on. You may be involved in arbitration or an emotional argument to set things straight. Keywords Justice, legal matters and reason. The 11/2 here is a spiritual messenger. The 11 or higher vibration indicates the ability to influence others for the common good or to achieve a higher purpose that benefits not only yourself. The lower vibration of the 2 is about negotiation, balancing, working things out to restore harmony. Keywords Justice, legal matters and reason. Reversed does indicate an unjust situation that may have persisted for some time. Maybe a different approach could bring about a better outcome. In legal matters it does not indicate the best outcome. At the very least it can mean delays and impediments to justice being done. Try not to be too negative and seek another approach.

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