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Meaning of The Justice Card 11

The Justice Card XI

The Justice Card is all about balance and fairness, karma and cause and effect. If you have been responsible, caring and shown kindness in all your dealings with others this card is very favourable to a good outcome or decision. The scales in the card demonstrate the need for balance in life and the need to weigh up the facts. There are legal implications here and an association with the sign of Libra. The scales are associated with the legal profession and the male figure in this card appears with authority and power over proceedings. As one of the major arcana cards the energies of the universe and the consequences of actions play out and karma takes effect. The duality of this card is also present with the number 11 which is a master spiritual number and a higher vibration of the number 2 which is again about balance, negotiation, relating and fairness. Decisions are featured with this card.The 11 is the “Spiritual Light Messenger” number and depicts communication and the ability to influence others and bring peace and harmony. Decisions and outcomes are evident wherever this card is in a spread. Decisions need to be made that are fair and just. Greed will not be tolerated by the universe and balance is required. If this card is in a spread relating to finances or money your outcome will be good. In relationships if this card turns up a favourable decision has been made after much consideration

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