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Meaning of Birth Path 2 and 11

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Today we are looking at the Birth Path of a 2 and also the 11 for those of you who have this Master Number as their birth path.

Birth Path or Path of Life Number: 2

The birth path of a two is all about co-operation, balance, giving. People with a number 2 are sensitive, caring and thoughtful. They are great negotiators and diplomats and tend to have a calming influence on those around them. Number 2s are partner oriented and work well with others and in small groups.

If you have a master spiritual number of an 11 you would not reduce it to a 2. The 11 is the Spiritual Light Messenger. You would experience all of the number 2 vibration but also, particularly later in life the energy of the higher spiritual vibration of the 11.

Your role in life will be to demonstrate leadership by example and to show others how to work together to achieve a common good. On the everyday level you will have an ability to get along with almost anybody and to inspire cooperation. You have excellent negotiation skills and an ability to talk to and understand others. You may be a counsellor, psychologist, advisor etc., health care worker, medical professional, charity worker/social worker or you may work in the corporate world as human resource consultant for example. With such creative energy you may also become an artist, musician or decorator etc. You have a strong desire to help others, to teach and to bring reform and change that benefits many.

Have a great day everyone. Be kind to each other. If someone annoys you or is difficult just put yourself in their shoes and you will calm down. You just dont know what is on their mind or bothering them. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌻🙏

Birth Path 2 -

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