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Meaning of Birth Path 3

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the a birth path 3

Just to recap the birth path is all the numbers of your birth date added up and then reduced e.g.

7.4.1966 = 7 + 4 + 1+9+6+6 (22) = 22 + 11 + 33/6

A person with this birth date experiences the qualities of the number 6 - home, family, service to others and the 33 master energy - service on a large scale, charity, benevolence, kindness. They could possibly be involved in leading, teaching or training others in some career in the caring professions. The can be great spiritual leaders - unconcerned with personal gain but simply wanting to do the best to help and heal others and do good in the world. The nurturing instinct is very strong in these individuals

Back to our base number - 3

Birth Path/Career Number 3

Pleasant is the keyword on this path. You are enthusiastic, happy, creative, adaptable and energetic. 3s love to talk and express themselves and to explore their many avenues of creative expression and talents. You are a great ideas person, innovative and have good problem solving abilities. Spending time with friends and forming new ones is very important to a number 3. You will have a love of learning, teaching, training and studying new things. You are social and have many friendships and close friends. As a number 3 you will love to share your happiness and joy and will find any excuse to celebrate and have fun with friends.. 3s have a great appreciation for all things of beauty and have good intuition. Career paths can be many and varied or even several at once. Typical vocations include - teaching, lecturing, financial advisers or creative interests such as artist, inventor or more intellectual pursuits such as mathematician, statistician or accountant.

Famous number 3s include: Alan Alda, Alec Baldwin, Bill Cosby, Jodie Foster, Christina Aguilera, David Bowie, John Travolta, Shania Twain, Enya.

Have a great day!

Birth Path 3

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