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Meaning of the Personal Month Number


To find your personal month you add the calendar month e.g. December (12/3) to your Personal Year number.

For example a birth date of 18.1.1965.

The Personal Year number would be 18 + 1 + the universal year number 2018 = (18)9 + 1(Jan) + 11(universal year number) = 21/3 So the Personal Month number for December 2018 is 3(PY number) + 3(calendar month of December digit) = 6

The Personal Month vibrations are not felt as strongly as the Personal Year numbers but can give you an idea of how the month will go. The energies of the Personal months are similar to the Personal Year vibration just not as “loud” so just imagine these influences as they same energy just on a smaller scale.

Vibrations of the Personal Months:

Any months in any given year with these values will have the following influences:

Vibration 1 Action, creation, originality, plans.

Vibration 2 Harmony, quiet time, passivity, relating.

Vibration 3 Entertainment, self expression, communication.

Vibration 4 Practical concerns, building foundations, work.

Vibration 5 Change, freedom, escape, new interests, holidays.

Vibration 6 Responsibilities, home, family, service, health.

Vibration 7 Perfection, analysis, introspection, spiritual outlook, need for rest,


Vibration 8 Vision, power, good judgement, business expansion.

Vibration 9 Philanthropy, selflessness, service, helping others.

If you really want to work with these influences you can work out your personal day number which will give you the tone of the day. This is the general energy of that day and what sort of things you may experience. Remember again that the energy influence is like the waves in a pond when you throw a stone into the water– the further out the less the ripplies.

To calculate the personal day, first determine the personal month number (as above) and then add it to the current day number. Reduce this number to a single digit.

Hope this makes sense. I had a bad day yesterday and today is not starting well either (guess I should pay attention when my card for the day is The Tower!)

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