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Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card 10

The Wheel of Fortune Card X

With Jupiter as its ruling planet, the Wheel of Fortune is about luck and change. The wheel represents completeness and the highs and lows of one’s luck and fortune. What goes around comes around. This card is ruled by the benevolent planet of Jupiter and will bring happiness, good luck and positive change providing we remain balanced through the turbulence. The sphinx perched on top of the wheel tells us to remain balanced so that we have more control over the opportunities that come to us. Rational thought and a balanced attitude will help to retain success. When this card turns up in a spread it can mean that that whatever the long term goal or wish of the querent is they will see experience a change for the better and spiritual development. This card is also the number 1 (10/1). With the power of 10 behind, it is all about new beginnings with the power of universal support. 1 is about change, new opportunities, originality, energy and initiative.

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