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Meaning of The Death Card 13

The Death Card is probably the most famous Tarot Card and the most feared and the number 13 is probably the unluckiest number and the best known karmic number. The number alone instils fear in many. This number is about death and transformation and radical change. It depicts a situation from which there is no escape. The Death Card is the graphic illustration of this number. Change is inevitable. In a Tarot Card spread this card rarely describes an actual physical death unless it is backed up by other cards which may indicate accident or illness. The imaginary here is movement shown by the horse, death of the past represented by the dead and dying people. New beginnings are imminent. It is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Life is transforming and changing with this card and the past is dead or at least needs to be, This card calls us to move on and make a new beginning in whatever area of life this card affects.

The Death Card XIII

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