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Meaning of The Strength Card 8

The Strength Card VIII

The number 8 is a fitting allocation for this card. In numerology the number 8 is one of power, strength and achievement. The 8 is like the infinity symbol in this card. It is all about balance. The key factor with the number 8 is achievement and success through concerted effort, fairness and co-operation. 8 is the number of balance between the material and the spiritual plane and the law of karma and the balance between giving and receiving. This duality can be taken further to the female/male balance represented by the woman and the lion (a classical symbol of male power). This card warns against greed. In a Tarot Card spread strength promises rewards and success provided you are fair and just in your dealings and put in the effort. The woman here has power over the lion but she achieves this by co-operation. The lion yields to her power. The infinity symbol is a reminder of this balance in life and karma of one’s actions. Success is assured with responsibility and fairness

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