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The Chariot No 7 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today is we are focusing on The Chariot No 7 in the Major Arcana. When the Chariot appears in a spread the universe is supporting you with strength and determination to get your life on the track you want to travel and to achieve your goals. I personally love this card.

If your life is not going in the direction you want - now is the time to take charge. You have the ability and determination to succeed and the support from the universe. This is a powerful card of change and movement forward with determination.

The number 7 here relates to one's higher self providing the will power and determination to do what needs to be done. The insight and wisdom of the number 7 provides the inner strength needed to take on the challenges presented at the time and to overcome obstacles in the way. In terms of the Fool’s Journey he is now able to take control of his life. He is certain and confident of his ability to succeed and of being satisfied in accomplishing his goals. This is the power of his personal ambition and will is depicted by the Warrior in the drivers seat in control of his direction on the road ahead. This is also indicated by the opposing sphinxes representing opposing forces being drawn together to work towards the future. Ability, determination and drive are indicated here.

If this is the card you choose for today then today is the day to take charge, the outcome positive and assured due to your inner strength and determination.


Have a great day!

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