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Inclusion Chart

Good morning everyone. One of the things I look at very closely in my readings is the inclusion chart - particularly missing letters in the client's name which represent karmic lessons.

It might be worth checking out your own:

The Inclusion Chart is used to analyse the numeric vibrations in your birth name from 1 – 9. The frequency of these numbers will indicate your Hidden Passion (that is your strongest vibration or most significant talent but also your Karmic Lessons (missing traits) you have brought with you this lifetime that need working on. We will start by looking at the significance of the missing numbers. Remember your number values. Just to recap









IR 9

Missing letters in your name can be related to the following qualities.

No 1s This suggests a lack of the one qualities: poor self confidence, shyness, lack of initiative and drive and an inability to make decisions. Situations will occur where the individual will be forced to make decisions and take charge of their life and to develop.

No 2s Indicates a lack of patience, co-operation, diplomacy and understanding. Detail may be overlooked. Throughout life the person will feel their patience and understanding is constantly tested and that they achieve better results through kindness and sensitivity to other's needs. There may be tendency to accumulate things and to become a doormat. Their must be a balance.

No 3s Difficulty with expressing oneself either verbally or in writing. Difficulty in tapping into one's creative energy and problems in general with self expression, and confidence. Life experiences will challenge the individual to develop communication skills and will often throw them into the limelight and necessitate developing confidence. There may be a tendency to scatter energy and have difficulty focusing in life, selfishness is not uncommon.

Missing Numbers continued on Monday and also excesses and ruling passion and what this signifies in our personality .

Have a great day and great weekend! 😊❤️❤️🦉🦉🙏

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