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Meaning of The Fool Card

Good morning everyone. Today we are starting on the Major Arcana beginning with THE FOOL card. Just remember that the minor arcana cards represent everyday affairs in the real world. The Major Arcana represent outside influences of fate and destiny and are connected with our spiritual growth. Dont forget to check which card is your personality type and soul type. You will certainly be able to relate to these cards when we get up to them.

The Major Arcana is often said to represent a journey of the soul from the innocence of childhood through trials and tests to maturity, old age, death, resurrection and eventual transcendence. That is the major arcana represent a journey to enlightenment. In a reading these cards tend to represent things that the client does not have control over and can be equated to the forces of fate and destiny and one’s personal spiritual lesson.

There are 22 Major Arcana Cards

The first card is numbered zero and signifies the openness of the soul being a vessel to be filled and the spirit of adventure.

The Fool 0

The Fool Card is about naivety and the innocence of life prior experience. There is an element of trust and adventure. Note that he is about to step off a cliff. The Sun is shining and he fears nothing. The bundle he carries is light but contains the elements of what he brings from a past life. It suggests living life one day at a time with an open heart and mind. There is childlike innocence depicted here as well as an element of risk but also of trust as he is about to step forward off the cliff.

Keywords: Spontaneity, trust, taking risks.

Reversed: Childishness in a negative sense, recklessness, impulsive actions are indicated here. You may be acting foolishly on the spur of the moment. There is a warning to be more cautious and to take responsibility for your own actions. Plan ahead and be more cautious. You may be happy for the moment but the long term prospects are not that good.

Recklessness and irresponsibility.

If you choose the Fool as your card for the day - embrace the spirit of adventure. Dont analyse things. Trust that the universe is sending you off in a new direction. Be positive, optimistic and receptive to new experiences. You are protected and free to explore😃🌻🌻🌻🌻♥️

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