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Meaning of The Ace of Cups

Happy Monday! Today we are moving on to the suit of Cups - emotion, feeling. - Element Water Polarity -ve. All that means is that the element water is internalising, reactive and receptive.

To recap the Aces (No 1 in the Suit) Aces in The Tarot: The Aces stand for unity and undivided energy of the suit and the beginning or initial stage - new feelings, new ideas and new plans. The Aces are number 1s – the beginning of the expression of the energy of the suit. Undivided power and character of the element it is associated with. Wands represent Fire, Cups Water, Swords Air and Pentacles Earth. . Now we will look at the Ace of Cups Cups is associated with the Element Water and with emotion, love, sensitivity, intuition, compassion, artistic inspiration and the subconscious. If you look at the image there is a gesture of an offering and the cup is overflowing. The colours are light and bright so happiness is inferred just in the image. The water flowing indicates movement and energy.

The Ace of Cups is a great indicator for personal relationships. It stands for the potential for love, joy, happiness, peace and contentment. It is the beginning of feelings that can blossom into fulfilment. It may indicate particular milestones in a relationship such as marriage, engagement or the birth of a child. It can also indicate the development of artistic or psychic talents.

Keywords: Emotion, love, psychic powers. Reversed:

The opposite is indicated – sadness, loss and dissatisfaction. You can visualise the water falling out of the cup resulting in tears and depression. You may feel a lack of love and emotional support and security. It can indicate an unhappy relationship, loneliness, depression or disappointments in love or marriage. Keywords: Sadness, disappointment, loss. Have a great day. Think about something that you know would make you happy or a situation you would like to be in and start planning towards that. Let your imagination run away with the idea and let the feeling stay with you today - it might just help you deal with Monday! 🏵️

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