The Moon Card 18

The Moon Card 18 The Moon card is very deceptive and has many faces to interpret. On one hand the Moon represents potential yet to be revealed, secrets, intuition. Sometimes it can indicate deception or illusion as things aren't quite as they appear in the dim light of the moon. Depression, anxiety, mood swings and fear are often associated with this card. The energy is feminine and receptive so be careful not to absorb negativity of those around you or to be fooled by others. In the upright position it can denote something hidden that will be revealed soon, mental confusion and insecurity. Sometimes it can be associated with one's public image or the image we present to others. The 9 of this card fits with the influence of the subconscious, intuition and empathy for others. Keywords: something hidden, deception, insecurity. - It will pass with time though. Reversed: Unhappiness, insomnia, strange dreams and hidden knowledge surfacing.

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