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Know your Personal Year Number

Its worthwhile calculating your personal year number and keeping it in mind with everything you do. Its easy to work out. Just add up your day number and month number and the current year number. e.g. Born 28.12.1962. Universal year number 2017 = 2 + 1+7 = 10/1.

28 + 12 = 40 which reduces to 4 so on the 28th December this year this person enters a Personal Year 5 (4 + 1). It follows that they are currently in a 4 and shift to this new energy on their birthday so most of 2018 they will be in a Personal Year 5 - change and lots of it!. Check out the basic meaning of numbers to work out what that year means for you. Just keep in mind if you end up with a double digit (master number) this has special significance and is very powerful. You will experience the lower reduced vibration and the higher master energy as well. Aim for the highest. Have a great day!!

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