The Tower 16

The tower is a about sudden change and revelation.When The Tower appears in a reading you are forced to see things differently. What you have known, your routine and way of life crumbles. It may seem like a period of chaos but in reality it is an awakening so that you can start afresh. The windows on the Tower are small in this image indicating a narrow limited view of the situation. The Tower can mean unexpected news which is initially shocking. If supported by other cards it can sometimes indicate a physical accident but care should be taken not to interpret this meaning literally unless other cards support this. The Tower brings a forced opportunity to change your circumstances initiated by universal energies. There may be a burst of insight, sudden knowledge or the answer to a question. Things that are hidden come out in the open. This card does have some negative connotations such as a sudden fall, extreme loss or a humbling experienced which you will recover from. It will be a time of chaos and disruption but also an opportunity for a new beginning. Being the 16/7 this is a karmic spiritual number where you will gain insight through contemplation, enlightenment and self analysis. Circumstances will force you to gain this insight through period of difficult upheaval.

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