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Personal Year 1

The shift from a Personal Year 9 to a 1 is felt the most. Everyone senses the shift in energy as we complete one cycle and start another. This is one of the times that people are most likely to seek a reading. The 1 Personal Year brings new energy, vitality, new plans and a new start of some sort. The Personal Year numbers run in 9 year cycles and just to recap your Birth Path is the Personal Year Digit you were born with. You calculate the personal year number by adding your day digit and month digit to the Universal year (2020 = 4).

The personal year influence colours the type of events for that year and how you experience and feel about them.

1. New Beginnings - pioneer spirit, desire to be independent, make plans for the future. It is a time for action.. This is the beginning of a new Nine Year cycle. Its time to make a new life for yourself in some way – be independent and original and activate your plans and your ideals. This may be a time to start a completely new life. It is also a time of physical and spiritual renewal. Maybe a change is needed in business or in your way of life. Renewed health and vitality is definitely possible. Now is the time to formulate your plans and to act on them. It may also be a time to work on improving yourself. Get rid of any negativity, be positive, ambitious and have courage to make changes where they are needed. Typically this can be a year of changing jobs, finding a new home, a major move, or major opportunity at work or in your career in general so take advantage of the energy the universe is giving you.

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