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The Queen of Swords

The Queens The Queens in the Tarot usually represent mature women. They represent the feminine aspects of our personality, and are nurturing, compassionate, and understanding. Their personality traits are defined by the suit they are in.

Queen of Swords -Air and the air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – intellect, logic, problem solving ability.

This queen is intelligent, strong willed and independent. She often represents a separated or divorced woman or a single woman who chooses to remain that way. She usually has dark hair but may have fair skin and light coloured eyes. She is ambitious and capable but may be lonely or experiencing a sense of loss of some sort so may appear aloof to others. Despite appearing strong and independent she needs companionship but is very selective in her friendships and slow to trust others. Once a true friendship is found she is loyal and dedicated.

As a situation: When the Queen of Swords presents you are separating yourself from a difficult situation and choosing to stand independent and strong. It is strength in independence.

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