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The Page of Cups

Pages in the Suits of The Minor Arcana The Pages have several meanings. They are also sometimes called Princesses in some decks. If a Page comes up in a reading it may represent a child of either sex or a young woman or a situation. All of the Pages represent the initial stage of any project or action. As a general rule if my intuition is not yelling at me as to which way to interpret this I tend to start with interpreting it as a situation.

Page of Cups (Element of Water) – emotions, love, imagination.

When this card turns up if can signify a quiet, sensitive, introverted and studious child or young person. They may be artistic and emotional. This Page often has blonde to light brown hair, fair skin and light coloured eyes.

As a situation: It may be a time of developing artistic or psychic abilities or the beginning of feelings about a situation or person. These feelings require nurturing to develop. In general there may be a need for quiet time and reflection and much study which could coincide with taking up a new hobby.

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