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The Temperance Card No 14 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The Temperance Card 14/5. - change through moderation and balancing.

Temperance is a great card for warning us about the effects of excesses and of getting our lives out of balance. The 14 is a karmic number which is saying change your way of living (1) through a new foundation (4) to bring about a positive new outlook 5. Too much self indulgence (1) can result in instability physically and in terms of stability in general (4). The 5 is the number of change. Temperance here means moderation by mixing and balancing elements in your life. If we look at the card she is pouring water from one vessel to another - one foot on the land and one in the water. The water signifying emotion and the need for balance in life to achieve harmony and peace of mind. Her foot on the land is a sign to keep grounded and balanced. On a practical level when Temperance appears it shows you have a balanced personality and the ability to handle a difficult situation with tact and efficiency. Time should be taken to weigh up the best option or course of action. By experiencing extremes of emotion the Fool now learns the value of balance and moderation. He now feels more centred and whole. The appearance of Temperance warns us against overreactions in emotions and excesses in life such as alcohol and food.

If you draw Temperance today– watch your temper and actions. Think first and consider a more moderate and calm approach. Maybe there is a way to use your reason and logic to find a better more balanced approach to what you need to do today. 🦉🦉🦉🙏♥️ Have a great day.

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