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Ace of Wands

Good morning everyone. Ready for some action? Time to move on to the suit of Wands but before we do let's just recap a few things:

The Minor Arcana – (little secrets) – everyday matters of the physical world.

There are 40 numbered cards. In contrast to The Major Arcana which tend to show experiences of a spiritual nature and forces of fate and destiny beyond our control the Minor Arcana Cards represent ordinary events in the client's life and personal feelings about those events. The more minor Arcana in a spread the more influence our own actions can have in the way energies manifest and the how the events play out.. I will be focusing on the number value of the cards and then how to apply this to the suits.

The Aces – Number 1 in any suit. The beginning or start of something. The initial stage

The Ace of each suit represents the full and undivided energy and power of the element it is associated with. The Ace of wands represents Fire; The Ace of Cups represents water, The Ace of swords represents Air and the Ace of Coins represents earth. The Aces are the first card in each suit so they also represent new beginnings or the beginning of something: inspiration, projects, new ideas and new starts.

The Ace of Wands promises new energy, new vitality, initiative and a new start. In life in general this is a time of new beginnings. Sometimes it can indicate a new job or new plans in business or the beginning of some project which will bring fulfilment and rewards. Welcome this card as a sign of new life and vitality. .

Have a great day! 🌻🌻🌻❤️🙏

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