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Basic Meaning of Numbers continued

Good morning everyone. Today we are continuing with the key meanings of numbers. Each number has a particular energy vibration and meaning. Also each letter in the alphabet has a vibrational number value. Regardless of which numbers we are referring to in our Numerology Chart the basic meaning of that number applies and is modified by the area it relates to. For example a person with a 3 expression number will be talkative, most likely creative, expressive and restless to a degree. If the number 3 relates to the birth path then these qualities will be expressed in what the person does on a daily basis. 3 birth paths are often teachers, writers, or work with children and young people. Their ability to communicate and desire to learn expresses in their work environment.

Back to basics.

No 5: freedom, indicator of change, need to adapt to changing circumstances, dislike of routine, love of adventure,

No 6: Home family, responsibility, service to others.

No 7: Seeker of knowledge and perfection, desire for solitude, investigative, insight, spiritual growth

No 8: power, authority, ambition, karma, dependable, resourceful, determined, management of money and finances

No 9: Compassion, empathy for others, intuition, selfless service, endings, completions, humanitarian, imagination.

Have a great day!

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