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Inclusion Chart continued - excess of numbers

Good morning everyone. Today we are continuing with the Inclusion Chart and the meaning of overbalance or excess of numbers in your name - that is your full birth certificate name.

5s 4 - 5 gives adaptability, versatility, inventiveness and an adventurous streak.

Too many 5s:

Fickle, irresponsible, recklessness, self indulgence, abusive, selfish, unstable, restless, scattered.

6s 1 - 2 gives responsibility, sense of duty, compassion and commitment to work, family or community.

Too many 6s

Worry wort, difficulty letting go, very conventional and set in ways, depressed, despairing, fearful and doubtful.

7s: 1 - 2 gives good attention to detail, an investigative, enquiring mind, analytical skills and a philosophical approach to life.

Too many 7s

Aloof, sceptical, critical, overly methodical and perfectionistic, isolated, eccentric, melancholy, misunderstood.

8s 1 - 2 gives an ability to handle positions of power and authority with responsibility. Also gives good earning ability and sound business judgement and assists one to maintain balance in life between the material and spiritual realms.

Too many 8s

Overly material, power hungry, ruthless, intolerant, scheming, unscrupulous and dishonest, self indulgent.

9s 1 - 2s gives compassion and sensitivity to the needs of others without becoming a martyr or being taken advantage of. This assists one to empathise with others, to be giving, caring and thoughtful of others.

Too many 9s

Fickleness, nervous disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, losses financially and emotionally, impractical, delusional, bitter, petty, uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, rebellious, intimidating or oversensitive to criticism, martyr tendencies, a worrier, too giving, attraction for difficult people and circumstances.

Have a great day! 😊🦉🦉🦉🌻❤️

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