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Expression Number 2

Good morning everyone. Today we are going to have a look at the Expression Number 2.

Expression Number 2

Those of us with an expression Number 2 are partner oriented people. They are the peacemakers, trouble shooters, negotiators and bring partnership and co-operation to any group. Number 2s work well with others. They usually have good instincts when it comes to others and empathise with others difficulties. No 2s often have a great sense of rhythm and may be good dancers or musicians. They are fond of detail. They are suited to a variety of careers but will always show their strength in working in co-operation with others bringing balance and harmony into their environment at home and at work.

Number two make great friends being empathetic, kind, sensitive and caring. They often marry young because they can feel incomplete without a partner. People gravitate to the number two because of their compassionate caring ways and the sense of calm they bring to any situation.

The birth path being equal in weight in defining us should always be considered. For example if the birth path is also an even number this supports the energy of the 2. If for example the birth path was a 3 you would expect that this person would be a great communicator as well. This combination could result in counselling, psychology, teaching. If the birth path was a 6 they would probably end up in the medical profession or allied health of some sort, A 5 birth path could see them be an innovative ideas person in relation to team work, arbitration or even some legal area. The dynamic energy of the 5 expands the cooperative, negotiation abilities. There are many possibilities.

Later we will also be looking at breaking the expression number down into the Vowels (our motivating force) and consonant totals (how we appear to others). This also adds dimension to the description of our character.

Have a great day. Be kind to each other

Expression Number 2

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