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Expression Number 1

Good morning everyone. Today we are going to look at an Expression number 1.

In this case we will use an example when a person doesnt have a middle name. Remembering that the first name presents a person's physical presence or most obvious presentation. The middle name how they respond emotionally to the world and the last name our traits carried over from previous lives and karmic influences which makes sense as this is our family name.

What does it mean if you dont have a middle name? In my experience it doesnt mean that the person is not emotional but it does tend to mean that they are very sensitive but may have more difficulty learning to express that emotion and to get in touch with their feelings. Their emotional state then tends to be wound up in the energy of their first name.

What about Mr, Mrs, Junior etc. They are not used as they are descriptive terms. Unless the word Junior is actually on the birth certificate you would not use it in the calculation.

Now let's have a look at Adam Brown

His numbers are: 1+4+1+4 = 10/1 + 2+9+6+5+5 = 27/9

Total 1 + 9 = 10/1

Adam has an Expression Number of a 1

Those of us with this expression number are strong, independent, original and have great leadership potential. They have a strong desire to achieve. They are ambitious, creative, strong, self-reliant and determine to succeed in this world based on your own ability. Inventors, business owners, directors, managers or heads of any business will most likely have this expression number. No 1s don’t like to be told what to do and love their freedom and independence. Some will be writer or lawyers. Some will be very creative or designers. They like to have their own way and do things in their own way.The negative expression of this could be laziness, arrogance, selfishness.

Certain other numbers add strength to this. Adam also has a capstone energy (first letter of first name) of a 1 which adds to his individuality and strength of character. Don't forget that the birth path works hand in hand with the Expression number in defining our total character. If Adam was a 7 birth path for example then he would be much more reserved and perhaps like to work behind the scenes. If Adams birth path was a 8 for example he could be a really confident, driven, ambitious kind of person who needs to be in the limelight.

Have a great day. We will get back to the cards tomorrow but I will be including a few examples of Expression numbers along the way.


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