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The Wheel of Fortune No 10

The Wheel of Fortune No 10

After a time the Fool begins to see how everyone and everything connects and he can see cycles and patterns in life and he starts to see the answers to some of his questions. Here the Fool recognises the influence of fate in his path and sees where he is at as a turning point. After a period of seclusion he feels ready for change and movement. The Wheel of Fortune is a complicated card of the power and force of fate and destiny to bring positive change to us and movement in our affairs. It is usually a good turning point. In some decks the wheel is being turned by the goddess Fortuna in others by the sphinx and the four elements represented by the four fixed signs are also represented. The Wheel brings change to everything as the fixed influences of the elements move with the change. Not also that the number 10 is the 1 with the power of the zero behind it. 1s always mean new beginnings.

In a spread this card represents the forces that we feel are outside of our control and at the will of the universe

Wheel of Fortune -

. If the card is upright this is a period of positive change –an unexpected turn for the better.

Keywords: optimism, good luck, chance event.

If reversed

Poor luck or unfortunate times are indicated. But as the wheel turns this is not forever. Sometimes it can indicate and pessimistic and fatalistic attitude to life and that nothing can be done about one’s circumstances which is never the case

Keyword misfortune, pessimism

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