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Meaning of The Hierophant V

The Hierophant V

As the Fool ventures out to the wider world he encounters the belief and traditions of the culture around him. It is the beginning of his education. The number 5 is about change, progress and advancement. The Hierophant is also sometimes seen as the priest, educator, counsellor or advisor. The Hierophant represents the organised belief systems that start to influence the Fool. This card portrays the four elements plus the power of the mind. The mind is the factor that makes us different. Originally this card signified religious guidance. Now it is more other authority figures that we turn to for advice such as doctors, solicitors, accountants, lawyers or teachers. When the Hierophant appears in a spread it means that you or your client are seeking advice from these specialists. Occasionally it can mean that you are the one giving the advice or you may be involved in an educational institution in a position as a teacher or student. When the card is upright the information from this source is helpful.

Keyword: Professional advice, learning and teaching


Learning, teaching or seeking professional advice is also indicated but in the reverse position there is a danger that this advice is unreliable or unhelpful. Conventional advice right now is not suitable and will not help. Another solution is needed. A second opinion may also be needed. It can also indicate a severe problem for which advice is needed

Keywords: Bad advice, misinformation.

If you choose the Hierophant for today you need the perspective of another person or professional to deal with a situation or you may find yourself being the one giving advice or information to others. Put it out there that you need guidance or help and you will attract the right person to you. Open your mind to listen to others in a position of knowledge or expertise in the area that you need help with. Listen because they have something to say that you need to hear.

Have a great day. Be wise and hear the message.

The Hierophant V -

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