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Meaning of Nine of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Its Monday. Take to take stock of your career and life in general? Is what you doing rewarding? Do you have what you need in life to be comfortable and satisfied? Do you see the benefits of all your hard work?

Nine of Pentacles

The nine is the final single digit. It represents completion or the final stage, endings and sacrifices. It is a product of the creative energy of the 3 multiplied by 3. It signifies attainment on the material plane from former effort and satisfaction.

In the suit of coins, connected with material success and comfort and well being the achievement attached to the number 9 signifies security and peace and comfort which have been earned from past effort and well deserved.

There has been much struggle and sacrifice getting to this point. It is now time. The past hardship experienced makes you appreciative of all that you have achieved but there is a sense that it may not last long. This card often represents someone living alone enjoying the solitude and satisfaction of what they have achieved and what they have. They enjoy their lifestyle and are not necessarily lonely. Solitude and time alone may be something of great value to them or to you if you are reading for yourself.

Keywords: rewards, comfort, material gain, security through effort.


That sense of comfort and prosperity is not as secure as you may think. The person may have a guilty conscience and feel that they things that you may have done will prevent future happiness. It may also imply that the personal sense of security that you have may not be as a result of your own efforts only and may not be completely deserved. Maybe someone else has done the hard work and the client may be dependent on them and not in control or independent

Keywords: Illusory security, dependence.🌻🌻🌻♥️

Have a great day and appreciate all that you have achieved and all that you have. Life is good when you receive this card.

Nine of Pentacles -

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