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Numerology of Donald Trump

Good morning everyone. Every now and then I look at someone's numbers and I am surprised that it is not what I expected but then I remind myself that the energies we are born with are our blueprint and we have choices and freewill to determine how these energies manifest. For most of us we develop along the lines of least resistance and so develop and express these energies exactly as expected but if we a dealt a tough hand and work hard almost anything can be achieved but that takes inner strength. The person I am thinking of is Donald Trump. There are images of him on the internet and TV every day so he is out there in a big way. What would you expect from his numbers ? High 1s, High 3s, High 8s perhaps.

Donald John Trump Born 14th June 1946

Donald Trump is actually an old soul Numerologically. He has no karmic lessons as such but his Expression Number and Birth Path are Karmic meaning he has not handled these energies well before and abused them is some way. This life he is challenged to work harder at it and to get it right - taking full responsibility for his actions. He actually has a low score of 1s - only 2. He has had to work on his confidence. He may have been awkward as a child and felt a great need for approval and acceptance.

His Expression Number is a 14/5 - he is an innovator of change. Change requiring careful management and moderation of any excesses.. His ideas and style is unique, progressive and radical in some respects. He could be described as daring and somewhat reckless in his firm actions but maybe this is what has been needed for progress. His numbers seem to say that new ways of doing things is how he should embrace this energy providing it is not too radical

His Birth Path is a 13/4 - he is hard working, disciplined, methodical, diligent, reliable believing and working toward establishment of firm foundations.

One of the key things in his intensification chart is a very high score of 4s. He has an ability to put in place policies, procedures and legislation to bring about firmer foundations. In business this energy would be a great asset as any business would be build on a solid and secure base.. It also shows his stubbornness, persistence and determination. I think his strength of character - right or wrong comes from this unshakeable belief in what he is doing is for the future stability of the nation.

Although he does have an 8 in his name this is not his primary focus. His main focus which has brought him success and wealth seems to have resulted from his ability to put good planning and ideas and the building of solid business practices in to play which has allowed him to compound, build and expand from one project to the next.

He also has a high score of 2s. This may be his saving grace as he is capable of listening and seeing another's point of view and of taking on board the words of his advisors. It is the ability to negotiate and co-operate.

Is his motivation for personal gain and recognition?

Well I' m sure his fragile ego loves to have achieved the most powerful position possible but his Ultimate Goal energy is a 9. His purpose is to provide selfless service, to fight for the rights of those less fortunate, to protect the weak and frail, to be compassionate, caring, giving and charitable. He is aware of the suffering in the world and will fight to protect all those who need it. He sincerely believes that he has a job to do to look after his country and his people whatever the cost to him personally.

This is further backed up by his soul urge or motivating force of a 7. He never accepts things on face value. He is investigative, analytical, has excellent attention to detail and constantly searching for truth and improvement. His personal path is one where he desires to do better, to improve himself and his world. That is the core meaning of the number 7 - growth in wisdom and knowledge.

I am glad I took the time to have a look at what makes this man stand out, putting my judgements aside. He is not what I expected. It is not for me to decide whether he is doing a great job or not but I can say his motives are sincere and humanitarian.

Donald Trump -

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