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Meaning of The Eights in The Tarot

8 in the Suits of the Minor Arcana

8 is the number of achievement through hard work but also karma, rewards or consequences and balance between the material and spiritual elements in your life. When the 8s turn up something will happen as a result of the past efforts or actions.

In the suit of Pentacles

There is still much work to be done but much has been achieved. Your skills have been noted. You may be given a new project or role at work that requires you to learn new skills or to be an apprentice of some sort. You may be given an opportunity as a result of your past efforts. On a mundane level this card can also be associated with home renovations and improvements, building projects and plans.

In the suit of Wands

A time of everything happening at great speed. Travel may be involved. An opportunity presents itself and the time is right. there is no time for delay. Plans that may have been delayed will now move forward quickly.

In the suit of Cups

Emotions are at stake here. The 8 can signify that all has been invested needs to be weighed up. It may be time to move on and to walk away from something or someone you have invested a lot of emotional energy into. Often together with other cards the 8 of cups can signify the end to a relationship after much effort or because of differing desires. Make a new start. A new life awaits.

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