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Meaning of Personal Year 6

Responsibilities is the keyword for this year. This is a year of service to others, home family and community. If you make your goal to bring happiness and comfort to others you may find love, friends, and great contentment. Weddings, children, families, reunions and other family celebrations may be in store for you this year. When you work to help others you will find rewards come to you in many ways. You may find you have the responsibility of caring for others or a family member or children. You will have a strong desire to beautify your home and surroundings so that it is welcoming and comforting to others. You will love and sympathy freely this year and it may be the time your purchase a home or build. The vibrations all lead towards domestic affairs. If there are unresolved issues sometimes relationships both personal and in business come unravelled this year. Understanding, love, honesty and a sense of justice will help you deal with your obligations and responsibilities this year.

Personal Year 6 - family

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