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The Winter Solstice in Australia today

The Winter Solstice today.

I thought I would take a moment to look at the significance of the winter solstice for us all.

For me I look forward to this day every year as we reach our shortest day and longest night in the southern hemisphere. This means in practical terms that from here on the days start to become longer and summer is on its way back to me but the significance of this day is so much more than that for all of us and each of us will experience its influence in different ways. There are many ways you will feel this deeply contemplative energy.

Spiritually the winter solstice has great significance for us all: Solstice means "standing still". "The winter solstice acknowledges the longest hours of night or darkness and the influences of the subconscious and all that is hidden in our psyche. It is also the longest time taken for the rebirth of the sun. Spiritually this represents a powerful energy for regeneration, renewal of life and self-reflection. In older times the winter solstice was referred to as Yule and was a celebration of the goddess of the moon's energy.

Today: Focus on all that is good in your life and give thanks to the universe. Use the energy of the solstice to explore all your issues that you have buried. Reassess your spiritual goals and purpose in life. Its a great time to have a spiritual reading of any type as often areas that need attention come in to focus at this time. (To those who have made enquiries about a reading this week - thank you. Your subconscious is working overtime!)

The winter solstice is a time of new hope as we work our way back to the renewal and new growth of Spring. Similarly it is also a time to let go of all that has held us back from being want we want to be or achieving our goals.

Have a winter clean. Remove items from your environment that you feel you have outgrown or are not interested in anymore. Better still donate them and contribute to someone else's joy and new start.

The winter solstice is a time of self reflection and re-evaluation of where you are in your life. From tomorrow the days become just that little bit longer as we move towards the new life and new energy of Spring. Use this deeply reflective energy to be open to the influences from your subconscious and be open to the messages from the universe as to what areas you need to focus on but do not be fearful. The solstice brings hope and the beginning of a new journey on your true path. Have a great day everyone.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the Queen of Pentacles. She is patient, diligent, hardworking and down to earth. In tune with the material plane and all forces of a nature. I don't think she will mind waiting another day as we take a moment to stand still and reflect on our direction. 😉💚

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