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Universal Year 2020 - what does that mean

Universal Year 2020 = 4 The last time we experienced a Universal Year 4 was in 2002. The focus of the 4 is on issues of stability, peace, structure, order and security. In 2002 Switzerland and East Timor joined the United Nations and the European Union voted to add another 10 countries to its members but equally when the foundations are not firm structure crumbles as we saw when British Airways announced bankruptcy for example. This year the 2 in 2020 has the power of the zero behind it. Stability between nations will be tested. Power, stability and ownership between nations will be highlighted (this is the nature of the physical world represented by the number 4) – age old conflicts over land, rights and ownership will continue. On a positive note the desire and drive for security, peace and stability will be high and everyone worries about losing what they have. The focus will be on the consequences of a breakdown in structure and order. No one wants war. This is a year for nations to work on better respect and relations and to work on sorting out their differences and to look towards a more stable future. If the principles, laws, rules and order put in place this year are sound, firm foundations for peace will be set. Greed, avarice, stubbornness and unwillingness for change will result in further conflicts (the down side of the rigidity of the number 4)..

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