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The Knight of Cups

The Knights in the Minor Arcana.

The Knights are sometimes called Princes in some decks but they usually do depict men on horseback. In a spread they represent young men and sometimes situations in which movement, progress and activity are featured just as the horse represents a means of transport and movement. As people, Knights are highly action-oriented – more so than the Pages.

Knight of Cups - element water - love and emotion. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio snd Pisces This Knight is often called the Knight in shining Armour as he can signify a new romance coming into your life or the person that you are reading for. As a person he will be sensitive, imaginative, romantic, idealistic and inventive. He may be rather quiet but also strong, gentle, caring and loyal.

As a Situation Love, romance, marriage or a new personal relationship are on offer. New ideas and opportunities for creative and artistic pursuits may also appear. Generally he represents progress in the area of feelings, love and romance.

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