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The King of Wands

The Kings generally represent mature aged men in a reading. They are rational, authoritative figures. They are well respected with a certain presence of character. The kings as with the Queens can represent situations also - the end result of a process, idea, decision or project. The King of Wands – Fire – extroverted, outgoing energy.

This man is confident, accomplished, responsible and reliable with an optimistic attitude. He may be strong willed but also fair and able to consider the views of others and all angles to a problem so he is good at solving problems and resolving disputes. His personality is open, enthusiastic, witty and charming but a little impatient with detail. This king is reliable and affectionate, influential and makes a good father and partner and is generous towards those he cares for. In business he is resourceful, enterprising and has great ideas. Physically he may have fair skin, light eyes and hair; often red or blonde.

As a situation he represents the end result of business plans or goals. There is a sense of achievement, accomplishment and strength in achieving goals and seeing plans through to fruition. If you draw the King of Wands today. Expect to be respected at work for your efforts. Something you have been working on may be concluded and and others will recognise your accomplishment. You will feel increased confidence and a sense of achievement.

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