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The Knight of Wands

Introduction to The Knights in the Minor Arcana.

The Knights are sometimes called Princes in some decks and usually depict men on horseback. In a spread they represent young men and sometimes situations in which movement, progress and activity are featured just as the horse represents movement and transport. As people, Knights are highly action-oriented – more so than the Pages.

Knight of Wands

Wands are the element of Fire so we have a double dose of things happening, action and initiative.

As a person the Knight of Wands is charming, witty, generous and fun loving. He has an attractive, outgoing personality and seems to have many friends. He is generous and a bit of a risk taker, seeking adventure and new experiences. Along with this he may be a little reckless and unpredictable. The physical features are the same as for the page – blonde or redhead, fair skin and light coloured eyes usually.


This Knight often represents physical activity such as travel, moving home, holidays or adventure and change of some sort. Depending on how its placed in the spread it can be a good indicator of a change in job.

If you select the Knight of Wands today expect big changes. A young dynamic person with great ideas may come on the scene and really shake things up. Have a great day!

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