The 6 of Cups

Today we are looking at the 6 of Cups – the nostalgia card.

Sometimes we reflect on the good things in past relationships or happier times and forget about the reality that lead to our present circumstances. This can be a lovely card of happy memories, thinking about the past and on occasion and return of a past love but there is a warning here not to collapse yourself into the feel good memories and forget the difficulties you may have had. Sometimes it can indicate that this past lover or friend who turns up in your life unexpectedly has returned to help you out in a time of need or to resolve something from the past. It can also denote having a reunion with a family member or siblings and thinking a lot about happy childhood memories.

Don’t forget about the basic meaning of the number 6 also. 6 is about harmony, balance and peace is indicated with the 6s. It is also the number of home and family, responsibility and commitment.

The 6 of Cups can also denote forgiveness and reconciliation. It can represent peace from the turmoil or emotions of the past and can mean rewards following acts of kindness. It can indicate a healing from family strife and conflict.

Keywords: nostalgia and happy memories, dwelling on the past.

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