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Birth Path 2

Good morning everyone. We are continuing on with the Birth Path Numbers. Also called Path of Life or Vocation Number.

Birth Path of a Number 2

Cooperation is the keyword on this path. You work better in partnership and groups and have a strong need for companionship and are comfortable socially. Your success comes from helping others without expecting reward. You are the peacemaker, very diplomatic and calm and have excellent negotiation skills. Arguments and disharmony in your environment environment really upsets you so attempt to bring peace to your surroundings and to help sort out disagreements in the workplace and at home. You are able to see both sides of an argument and the other person’s point of view but you do need to guard against losing your own sense of self and your needs and becoming a doormat. You will also have a good eye for detail and, depending on your Expression number, you may prefer to work in the background and may be a bit shy. You are very sensitive to the feelings of others and empathise easily often forgetting your own needs. You don’t like taking risks so there is a need to work on developing your sense of self, power and courage to keep your life in balance. You make an excellent partner and friend. Number twos make great diplomats, counsellors and arbitrators, secretaries and PAs. Relationships and partnerships are of primary importance to the number 2 as they often don’t feel complete in themselves without a partner.

Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston are number 2s.

We will also need to consider the 11/2 – known as the Spiritual Light Messenger. The 11/2s always experience the 2 vibration on a personal level but often fulfil the higher energy meaning of doing something good to benefit many and being in a position of influence to do something to help others. The 11/2s belong in the public eye. They like to inspire and lead others. The 11/2s role in life will be to demonstrate leadership by example and to show others how to work together to achieve a common good. On the everyday level the 11/2s have an ability to get along with almost anybody and to inspire cooperation. You have excellent negotiation skills and an ability to talk to and understand others and to lead by example. As an 11/2 you are idealistic and will fight for a good cause, idea or plan that you believe will benefit many. People listen to you and will follow you. . Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Prince Charles and Jackie Kennedy are all have 11/2 as their birthpath.

Have a great day!

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