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Tips for Reading the Tarot Continued

Good morning everyone. Today we are continuing with the general rules to follow when doing a reading.Anyone can read the Tarot it jut takes a little bit of practice and you will develop your own style. These are just suggestions that might be helpful. Sometimes you may only follow one or two of these points or something in particular may just jump out to your attention. Just go with it and always trust your intuition.


2. Obtain a feeling for the spread as a whole - look at the “big picture”. Look at the colours for example and the overall quality. Is the energy light and bright or overshadowed by some darker cards.

3. Look at the balance of cards. The deck contains 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana cards; therefore a spread should have about two Minor to each Major Arcana. If there are many more Major than Minor cards, then events will tend to be more in the hands of fate and destiny. The person will feel less in control of their life and will be more directly influenced by outside forces. The universe has messages for them to hear and is supporting their spiritual growth in some way. With more Minor Arcana then matters are more in the hands of the Questioner; the outcome more a result of their actions and decisions.

4. Look at the element, number, polarity etc. of each card. Is there a dominance of a particular element or number? If there are more than two or three court cards the client may be surrounded by and influenced by many people.

5. A high number of wands for example indicates an emphasis on business, communication and negotiation and action in general.

6. Mainly cups indicates an emphasis on love, romance, relationships, emotions and feelings in general.

7. Mainly swords is an indication of adversity, worries and anxieties. Situations may arise unexpectedly which require swift, decisive action.

8. Mainly pentacles indicate an emphasis on property, business, finances, feelings of security and matters concerning investments.

Next we look at the Significator - what it is and how to choose it.


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