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Calculating Your Personal Year in 2019

Happy New Year Everyone. For many of us its back to work today.

Today we will have a quick recap of the Personal Year Number.

Just remember when you are calculating your personal year number that the Universal Year is now a 3. That is 2+0+1+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

Whatever personal year you are in hasnt changed unless of course you are born on the 1st January. So now when you are calculating it for yourself or friends just remember that the final answer you come up with is the Personal Year number you enter on your birthday this year.

For example if your birthday is 1st of October. Then it would be 1 + 1 (10 reduces to 1) + 3 (2019) = 5. On your birthday this year you enter a 5 personal year. Therefore you are still in a four as you were from your birthday in 2018 until you reach your birthday this year on the 1st of October. Hope that makes sense.

The universal year colours the tone of experiences for everyone on the planet. It is the big picture energy. The 11/2 we have just come out of for 2018 was all about negotiation, struggle for balance, acts of co-operation and conflict globally. This is always there but the 11 energy brought it to the level of world leaders and power struggles for leadership e.g USA and North Korea, Russia etc

The universal year of a 3 is a more in favour of more direct communication, advances in technology and in an optimistic view for me anyway the hope of friendship and new relations between nations. It is a friendlier more social energy. We will also see many stand up for the underdog or those disadvantaged or prejudiced against in our communities. There may be legislation passed which has previously been blocked. This will all be under the communicative expressive universal energy of the 3. The 3 also brings advances in music and art and the rise of different kinds of creativity. Time will tell.

Have a great day!

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