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The Meaning of The Hanged Man 12

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday. Today we a looking at the complicated and often misunderstood card - The Hanged Man No 12 in the Major Arcana

The Hanged Man No 12

3 might seem a strange number to assign to a card that looks more like self sacrifice (9). However it is the power of the 1 focusing on personal spiritual development and the ability to weight things up and reason(2) that results in a new outlook and rebirth - the number 3. 3 is the number of creative thought. When the Hanged Man turns up in a reading it does say standing still and contemplating where you are, free from the pressure of a goal, will actually lead to progress. It is inspiration and awareness from doing nothing but receiving enlightenment. Often the hanged man is depicted with the halo of illumination. In some decks coins are falling from his pockets. This card represents a sacrifice of some kind in order to achieve something of great personal value and of a higher emotional or spiritual value. Note the position of his legs – almost like a 4 reversed. 4 is the number of the material world and financial security. Think about the reverse of that energy as the man hangs upside down and renounces material gain. This card can also mean a change of attitude or outlook which may be necessary which allows you to see things from another person's point of view. Others may not understand your actions or decisions and may see you as irresponsible or eccentric. This card says you are prepared to cope with whatever people think as you know a reward is coming for the sacrifices you are making. There is an element of surrendering your goal or desire for an outcome and a feeling of liberation in this thought and an ultimate positive outcome .It is a card of patience and waiting, of giving up your physical input or will in a situation. The answers come in this time of waiting and the wisdom of your inaction will be very obvious later on.

The Fool here learns the value of self sacrifice and surrender and of doing without to achieve a higher good that may benefit many. There is an understanding of a connection between us all. He faces a challenge that is overwhelmingly difficult and he has to give up and let go. He learns to surrender and experience the joy and release of letting go. Once he does this things seem to start to flow and work as they should.

Keywords sacrifice and dedication

Reversed: Dissatisfaction, depression and apathy. You may need to find a new purpose and something worthwhile to focus on. You may have your life out of balance by focusing on material gain and not on your spiritual growth and well being whilst trying to please others and keep commitments. There is a need to reorder priorities.(3 - change your thinking and take a different attitude

If you select the Hanged Man for today you may have to take a back seat or allow someone else to take your credit to achieve something importance. You may also have to give something up and trust the universe that the sacrifice is worth it. If you have been really pushing for a certain outcome, let go of that pressure on yourself and leave it to the will of the universe – be patient and wait for the answer or sign and the outcome will be positive. Perhaps not in the way you expect. This reversal of your attitude to fight to feel like everything is an opponent you must conquer, gives you a different perspective on life and a sense of peace.


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