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Meaning of The Five of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Today we are getting back to the suit of Pentacles - element EARTH relating to work, finances and security and the number 5

The Five of Pentacles

The stability of the number four is disrupted by adding the number one to it to make five. Five is adaptable, vacillating and changing and therefore unstable in nature. It can involve struggle and change. The meaning therefore relates to change and disappointments as previous stability is lost.

In the Suit of Pentacles this a card of financial struggle and difficulty. Unemployment may be signified. The poverty may not be material in that it could be symbolic of something that the client or you really need but which is lacking, such as support, love, respect or anything that gives you a sense of emotional security. However in this image the disadvantaged people and those suffering are just outside a church indicating that help is not far away if you just open yourself up to the possibility of receiving it or reached out to someone. Troubles can be alleviated by a companion or by sharing your difficulties. I find this card more to mean a sense of being "out in the cold" and unsupported. It can indicate financial struggle but the level of financial difficulty is relative and is only our perception of how bad things are. You can have things out of perspective quite easily. Help is around the corner and within reach if you look for it and share your troubles.


Keywords: material struggle, trouble, poverty and worry.


There is an acute awareness of something lacking which is needed and the situation has probably persisted for some time. Severe financial problems, homelessness or long term unemployment may be indicated. This card does show a lack of love and support. Continuing in the present way will perpetuate the problem. Asking for help and seeking a change in the way problems are dealt with is needed here.

Keywords: poverty, unemployment and destitution.

If you choose this card for the day and you are feeling down, depressed and financially stressed - reach out to others, seek help and be open to sharing your situation. There are people who care who a close at hand if you are open to it. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏

Five of Pentacles -

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