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Meaning of The Ace of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. For most of us it is back to the material world of earning that income so its a good time to start with the suit of Pentacles but just to recap a few things:

The Minor Arcana – (little secrets) – everyday matters and events in the physical world.

Just to recap the minor Arcana

The minor Arcana are also called the Pip cards. There are 40 numbered cards.

In contrast The Major Arcana which tend to show experiences of a spiritual nature and the forces of fate and destiny beyond our control. The more minor Arcana in a spread the more influence our own actions can have in the way energies manifest and the how the events play out..

The Aces – Number 1 in any suit. The beginning or start of something. The initial stage.

The Ace of each suit represents the full and undivided energy and power of the element it is associated with. The Ace of wands - Fire; Ace of Cups - water, Ace of swords - Air and the Ace of Coins - earth. The Aces are the first card in each suit so they also represent new beginnings or the beginning of something: inspiration, projects, new ideas and new starts.

The Suit of Pentacles (element EARTH)covers the material world and includes work, business, trade, property, money, security and other material possessions. It also rules sensuality, feelings of security and fertility.

The Ace of Pentacles or Coins in some decks represents security, physical well being, wealth and comfort. It also represents the clients inner sense of self worth and desire to help others in practical ways so can show generosity, satisfaction and a happy life. From my personal experience this card often turns up with a new job offer or a payout of some kind that improves the person's life style long term. It also often involves apprenticeship or learning new skills.

Keywords: feeling, security, wealth

Reversed: insecurity, preoccupation with physical possessions and senses. It can also represent troubles in the family, poor health or financial worries and losses, materialistic outlook and lack of faith or fear of death. You may also not be able to enjoy life, the good things in life and feelings of anxiety

Keywords: insecurity and materialism.🦉🙏🛠️🧐👩‍🏫👩‍🔧👩‍🍳👩‍🏭👨‍🌾👩‍⚕️👨‍🎓❤️

Have a great day and remember we do live in the physical world so money and financial security are a necessary part of that life. If the Ace of Pentacles turns up you could be looking at starting an entirely new career or new job. There is an opportunity on offer for you, a new beginning to learn new skills which will be profitable long term.

Meaning of The Ace of Pentacles -

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